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Virtual Presentation

Scope And Benefits

  1. To network, to meet the keynote speakers for advice, to create connections with researchers who share similar interests
  2. To expand your knowledge in the field of Applied Science, Engineering & Technology and find solutions to existing problems.
  3. To present your ideas, findings and work to others
  4. To get feedback on your research proposal
  5. To discuss ideas with other researchers
  6. To learn about other projects being undertaken in your field
  7. Training for researchers to help them better present their work and questions
  8. Receiving exposure and to develop an interest in research.
  9. Connecting with other researchers and scholars in the same field.
  10. Keeping in touch with the academic researchers from all around the world.
  11. All the accepted papers will be published during the conference proceedings.
  12. All the accepted papers will be published in relevant International Journals.
  13. All accepted papers will be provided with Digital Object Identifier(DOI) numbers with which authors can find their research papers uploaded at the doidirectory.com
  14. Awards will be given for the best research paper as well as best paper presentation.