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About Conference

International Conference on Innovative Research in Science and Technology (ICIRST-21) to be held on 26th - 27th of November 2021, in Ethopia, is set to traverse different views, insights, discoveries, and innovations from scholars, researchers, specialists, educators, and scientists. This event will serve as an invaluable platform to raise awareness about up and coming innovations in various fields of engineering.

The scope of scientific engineering and technology is as compelling as it is necessary. In order to remain on the incisive edge, one must be continually observant, when it comes to following up with the latest trends, distinguishing the most constraining challenges, or conducting their own research.

ICIRST-21, to be held in Ethopia, is the perfect stage to elevate one's reputation among researchers and other fragments of the scholastic world as well as to partake in the spread of awareness and expertise. ICIRST-21 is the perfect opportunity to do all this and more, where participants can benefit for two days of intensive education and networking. Participants are also encouraged to submit their articles for publication in an array of prestigious journals. Every single participant is sure to leave the event motivated and excited.

ICIRST-21 aims to bring together a range of professionals and students to interact and distribute their expertise, innovative approaches and research conclusions on all aspects ofengineering & tech, and also examine practical hurdles and resolutions. This event will feature a comprehensive number of top lectures by distinguished lecturers from across the globe. The best and most groundbreaking research work will also be awarded prizes.